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Teachers: Their Students, Their challenges

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Today, many of you are at the peaks of your respective carriers. No doubt, many people have made immense contributions in your life, but the foremost guides- the ones who shaped us were our teachers. We loved some, disliked some, but we acknowledge that our teachers are the architects of our life and one of the prime reasons that determined where we stand today.

Back in our naughty days, we used to give our teachers a very hard time. Looking back, we realize how our teachers used patience and other methods to keep us in discipline. In this article, let’s have a look, on what are the common issues faced by the teachers.

Difficulty in monitoring the entire class.

Students at the elementary school are inexperienced and immature. Their interacting abilities are mostly distinctive. So, they keep building their habits from what they see around them. Misconduct in elementary schoolers is an inescapable issue. Mostly students are naive learners, so the teachers have to go through a lot of hardships to make them understand primary concepts. Moreover, the teachers get obstructed while teaching due to their mischievousness. A majority of students show lack of interest in class. They intervene during an on-going class by speaking out of turn. As a result, the teacher spends more than estimated time for the lesson completion

Most of the time teachers are unable to pay attention to every student particularly, in the rush to complete the lessons on time. This is mostly because of the mischievous students who tend to disturb the teachers/other students during on-going lessons. This in turn, makes teachers unable to attend the students in the class who wish to learn. Some teachers don’t know how to deal with it and make the students sit on the ground or send them out of the class which the students find insulting. Dealing with children is always a sensitive issue, one that depends entirely on how a teacher sees it. At times there is a lack of respect from the students

Absence of Support:

Many times, there is almost an absolute lack of incentive - verbal or financial. There is hardly any appreciation (even acknowledgement) from school leadership. Parents are rarely grateful but quick to point out any and all shortcomings.

The teachers are asked to complete the curriculum on time, doesn’t matter if it is not properly understood by the students. School authorities should take regular reports from the teachers about the class performance and make a flexible curriculum accordingly.

There is an insane amount of pressure to keep improving and achieve better results year-on-year, but sometimes circumstances are out of control. The pupils are not robots that can churn out grades.

Parents Approach

Teachers also complain about lack of parental cooperation and guidance with them. A student can become successful only when parents support his teachers. But in fact, parents start attacking teacher when they hear complain from their kid against teacher. Parents like to defend their child without knowing their child’s behaviour and problems.

Teachers need to encourage parents to become involved in their children's education. Building rapport with parents will encourage them to teach their children to respect their teachers and value their education. However, teachers have a difficult time getting parents involved because many parents lack the skills or stability to help their children to succeed.


Contrary to popular opinion, pure teaching is one of the most exhausting exercises and doing so with 50+ toddlers running around is so incredibly frustrating and futile that in a few years, most teachers give up.  When administrators call you, you never know what they want. It could be a parent is upset with you, or you forgot something

Teaching is inherently a stressful occupation, and by many accounts, it's getting more so. Students bring the effects of poverty and trauma into the classroom. Dealing with all the classroom issues is very exhausting.

Technology and new ideas - hesitant to implement

Trying something new can be scary, and it is completely understandable when a teacher says he/she is afraid to do something different. We all have our comfort zones and coping mechanisms, however it is the teachers who are able to overcome these fears who will really prosper. The inherent nature of an educator is to teach and share knowledge, and as such we should be using those educators around us.

Getting to know your students

If the students change from year to year, they all develop new skills, new habits and grow new perceptions year after year. That’s why it is always important to know the children whom the teachers are going to work with. We can use a survey to make icebreakers and all kind of activities. 

 Respect the teachers. They are the reason your child will have a bright future.