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Online Link Open for EWS/DG Admission for 2017-18

Directorate of Education

1. For Private Unaided Schools (Non-Minority) Recognized under Delhi School Education Act & Rules, 1973.

In conlinuation of Ihis Direclorale's Circular no. 12430-35 dated 08-12-2016, Directorate of Education is facilitating admissions of EWS/DG category in Private Unaided Schools recognized under Delhi School Education Act & Rules, 1973 at the Entry Level Classes (Nursery/Pre-school. KG/Pre-Primary and Class-I) for academic session 2017-18 from 10-01-2017 by making ONLINE SYSTEM. The list of such schools is available on the departmental website under head EWS/DG ADMISSIONS 2017-18 -> List of schools recognized under DSEAR, 1973, which will be a part of these online admissions.

Admissions of EWS (annual income less than one lakh rupees)/DG category (SC/ST/OBC Non-creamy layer/Physically Challenged/Orphan and Transgender) shall be made through Computerized Lottery System in the said schools against 25% seats reserved for them under the provisions of Right to Education Act. 2009. Filling of Unique Identification Number (Aadhaar Number) or Enrollment 10 in rio of 'the EWS/DG category candidate for online registration has been made compulsory for this session i.e. 2017-18.

All the Users/Applicants should visit Directorate of Education website and click the button EWS/DG ADMISSIONS 2017-18 for detailed information and instructions. Please read the instructions carefully before filling in the complete Registration Form/Application Form.

The online applications shall be accepted till 31-01-2017 (Tuesday). Further datelines of the online admission process will be issued time to time. 

2. For Private Unaided Schools Recognized by this Directorate under Hight to Education (RTE) Act, 2009 and Private Schools regulated by Local Authorities.

a) The schools up to Elementary Level recognized by Directorate of Education under RTE Act, 2009, schools up to Primary level recognized by Local Authorities and schools up to Primary Level recognized by this Directorate under RTE Act, 2009 now regulated by Local Authorities are not the part of this Online Admission Process for Academic Year 2017-18. These schools shall conduct admissions of EWS/DG category seats manually as being done in previous years as per schedule given below:-

Admission Schedule:-

Commencement of admission orocess. 10101/2017

Commencement of availability of 10101/2017 (Tuesday) application for admission.

Last date of submission of application form 31/01/2017 (Tuesday) in schools.

The date of displaying the first list of 28/02/2017 (Tuesday) selected candidates (lncludinq waitino list).

The date of displaying the second list of 15/03/2017 (Wednesday) candidates (if anv) includina waitina list. Closure of admission process. 31/03/2017 (Friday)

b) 25% seats shall be filled with the children belonging to EWS/DG category as defined in the provisions of RTE Act, 2009 in the manner as prescribed in this Directorate's Notification dated 07-01-2011 and other orders / instructions issued in this regard form time to time.

c) Admissions of the children belonging to Economically yveaker Section & Disadvantaged Group Category shall be made by the private unaided recognized schools on the following neighbourhood criteria.

(i) Admission shall first be offered to eligible students belonging to EWS and Disadvantaged Group residing within 1 KM of the specific school.

(ii) In case the vacancies remain unfilled, students residing within 3 KM of the school shall be admitted.

(iii) If there are still vacancies, then the admission shall be offered to other students residing within 6 KM of the school.

(iv) Students residing beyond 6 KM shall be admitted only in case vacancies remain unfilled even after considering all the students within 6 KM area. 

d) 25% admissions to children belonging to Economically Weaker Section & Disadvantaged Group ca~egory at entry level classes i.e. pre-school/nursery, preprimary/KG and Class- I, wherever fresh admissions are made, shall be granted by the Private Unaided Recognized Schools of Delhi. They shall ensure the admissions of 25% children belonging to EWSIDG Category at all entry level classes on the existing strength of students in respect of entry level classes at any given point of time. (Copy of the circular No. 2393-2004 dated 04/06/2012 Issued in pursuance of Delhi High Court's Order dated 24-05-2012 in WPC 8434/2011 enclosed as Annexure-II).

e) The Directorate of Education has devised a Common Registration Form for admission under EWS & Disadvantaged Category and the same is uploaded in the scroll on the official website of Directorate of Education i.e. for the benefit of such schools as well as the applicants. (Copy of the same is enclosed as Annexure-III). All such schools are directed to use the said format only by downloading the said form or using a printed version of the application form. Parents may get the Common Registration Form from the schools or may download the same from the above mentioned website. Every school shall ensure that the Registration forms in the prescribed proforma are made available free of cost to all applicants under EWS & Disadvantaged Group Category without any barrier/hindrance.

f} The school shall acknowledge the application for admission against free seats through a proper receipt and shall assig~ each application a registration number. The Registration-Slip (Annexure-IV) shall also indicate the date(s) of display of list of eligible candidates for draw, daters) of draw, daters) of display of list of successful candidates including waiting list and last date of admission.

g) In case, the application of any child is found not to be in order and is rejected, the reasons for its rejection shall be recorded and communicated to the parents. 

h) Observers for draw of lots of EWS & Disadvantaged Group Category: - Directorate of Education will provide observers for draw of lots of EWS & Disadvantaged Group category only like, previous years. The instructions issued in this regard vide Circular No. FDE.l15/PSB/2013/6621-28 dated 22-01-2013 shall be followed strictly. (Copy of the circular enclosed as Annexure- V)

i) After completion of admission process, each school shall send information/details regarding the number of filled and vacant seats under EWS & OG category at Entry Level Classes to the Chairman of the District Admission Monitoring Committee/Deputy Director of Education of district concerned by 1600 hours on 07-04-2017. Simultaneously, the details shall also be provided on the online module available on this Directorate's website:- All DOEs of the districts shall compile the said data (Number of filled and vacant seats of EWS/DG Category) zone-wise and forward the same to Private School Branch (PSB) on 13/04/2017 for taking further necessary action.

j) The admission to such vacant seats of EWSIDG Category is an ongoing process which may continue throughout the academic year and the District Admission Monitoring Committee has been empowered to get filled such vacancies and can take steps as per the direction contained in sub-clause (d) of this Directorate's notification No. 15(172)/DE/Act-1/2010/69 dated 07/01/2011 and Rule 13 of Delhi Right to Education Rules, 2011 (Annexure-VI)

Any person residing in Delhi, having the residence proof of Delhi and requisite Income Certificate (less than one lakh rupees annually) issued by the Revenue Department of GNCTD or BPLlAAY (ration card)/Food Security Card holder are eligible for applying in these Private Unaided Recognized Schools for admission of their ward under Economically Weaker Section Category. The condition of minimum residency period of 03 years in Delhi for applying to admission under Economically Weaker Section & Disadvantaged Group Category has been waived off. (Copy of Circular No.DE-15/Acl-I/WPC No.3168/13/2013/11734-11738 dated 14/11/2013 Issued in pursuance of Hon'ble High Court of Delhi Order dated 07/10/2013 in WPC No.3168/2013 enclosed as Annexure-VII).

Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward Class Non-Creamy Layer, Children With Special Needs and suffering from the Disabilities as defined in the Persons With Disabilities Act,1996. Orphans and Transgender shall be considered as Disadvantaged .Group Category as defined in Section 2 (d) of the RTE Act-2009. (Income Certificate is not required to claim the benefit of DG Category) (Copy of notification and instructions No. F.15(172)/OEJActJ2010/4926-40 dated 17/10/2012 in rio 'Orphan' & and notification dated 0911012014 in rio Transgender are enclosed as Annexure-VIII & /X)

The minimum age limit for the children to be admitted at the entry level classes as on 31103/2017 is as under:

For Nursery/Pre-School Minimum 3 years.

For KG/Pre-Primary Minimum 4 years.

For Class I   Minimum 5 years

For any grievance relating to admission process in EWS/DG category, complaints or queries may be registered at the link or at helpline numbers 8800355192 & 8800355146 (between 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM on Monday to Friday). All the above directions are issued for strict compliance by all concerned. Non compliance of the order shall be viewed seriously.This issues with the approval of competent authority.