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Parenting Skills

Many parents have frustrated and angry relationships with their children. Even very young children sometimes become a source of annoyance with their constant demands, whining, and disobedience.

Family life is supposed to be joyous and fulfilling but reality is often very different in many cases. If parents would take a little time and effort to improve their ways, realize their mistakes, and devise new strategies and plans, the dividends would be great. A small change in attitude and behavior would make life much happier for both parent and child.

Below are some common mistakes that parents often make. 

1) Not recognising their own mistakes: Some parents do not recognise mistakes that they have made, even when they are plainly in the wrong. This could possibly; lead to their children not recognising their own mistakes either.

2) Over-praising their children: That's not to say parents shoudn't praise their children. Just that parent shouldn't over-do it. Too much can lead to the child (ren) being arrogant and/or a bully. For example if a child is brought up by telling that he's the 'best' and that no other child of his age is as smart as he is. This kind of behaviour makes the child become arrogant and he would always find the opportunity to bully someone. 

3) Shouting at their children for their mistakes: I'm sure most people would agree that being yelled at is not very pleasant. Imagine how much harder it would be for the children? Everyone makes mistakes, even adults, and yelling at children for that is not the way to fix it. What has been done has been done. Shouting at the child is only going to make the situation worse, and could even possibly be emotionally harmful to the child.

4) Overly protective/overly restrictive parents: Again, this is not to mean you shouldn't be protective of your children. However, as the child grows up, the parents need to know where to 'let go'. One day the child will become an adult who needs to fend for himself/herself too, and being too protective or restrictive is not going to be very beneficial.

5) Quarreling in front of the children : It is natural for couples to have occasional arguments, sometimes even heated and bitter ones. However it is very damaging to carry these out in front of children. Children do not understand that this is not a cause of worry, and may begin to imagine the worst.To them it could be a sign that the parents do not love each other.

Be the kind of person you want your children to grow up to be. If you are real, your children will be real. If you are phoney, your children will be phoney. Actually, you can't fool a kid. They are little learning machines. They see everything.

            Parents are human beings and are bound to make mistakes. The aim is not to refrain from ever making mistakes, but to learn from them and gradually decrease them. Parents have been making the same mistakes over the years, and it is time to learn and change. A slight change in attitude and methods of parenting will create vastly improved relationships between parents and children. This in turn produces stronger families.