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06 Jul

Importance of General Knowledge

Get better grades in school, college and competitive exams

Parenting, Schooling
05 Jul

Best career options after 12th

For Science Students

First we shall look at the career options for science students. Here we need to see for students who have taken Math and who have not.

03 Jul

How chess helps kids?

 Research shows, there is a strong correlation between learning to play chess and academic achievement.

02 Jul

Getting Kids interested in Science

Young children are natural scientists: they ask questions, pick-up sticks and bugs outside, and are curious about the world around them.

Parenting, Activities
01 Jul

Kids and Exercise

 Elements of Fitness:

If you've ever watched kids on a playground, you've seen the three elements of fitness in action when they:

Parenting, Schooling
30 Jun

Self Discipline in Kids!

How to develop self discipline?

Parenting, Activities
30 Jun
Parenting, Schooling
30 Jun

Reading & Comprehension Problems and their solutions

Parents make a considerable investment of time and put a lot of effort into their child’s learning without seeing much improvement.

Parenting, Activities
28 Jun

Intelligence vs Imagination... IQ vs ImQ

Teachers and parents who value students’ imaginations and who challenge children to think of new ideas are nurturing the type of critical thinking skills that lead to long-term success.

28 Jun

Musical Education

Language Development

28 Jun

Confidence Building in Children

Building self-confidence can begin very early.

16 Jun

Heavy School Bags - A Serious Threat to your Child’s Health

To know how heavy backpacks can affect a kid's body, first lets understand how the back works.

Schooling, Activities
14 Jun

Physical Education – A Powerful Education

Physical Health

Physical education programs in schools directly benefit students' physical health.

13 Jun

Limit Setting and Discipline in children

‘3’ is the magic age