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20 Aug

Teachers: Their Students, Their challenges

Difficulty in monitoring the entire class.

16 Aug

Going down the memory lane : With the Olympic Stars !!

1) Usain Bolt 

They say light travels faster than sound. But the speed of this man would definitely pose a threat to the speed of light.
06 Aug

Rio: Our 'Athlete' Children

Never overreact or underreact in situations.

Parenting, Activities
22 Jul

Pokemon Go or No Go for kids??? Let's check...

The Benefits

 1. Lots of walking!

Parenting, Schooling
09 Jul

Fight Stage Fright !!!

Causes of stage fright in children:

- The child is not sure about performing well.

- The child is sure about being a complete failure on stage

Schooling, Activities
08 Jul

Importance of extra-curricular activities:

There are many kind of extra-curricular activities in which studen

08 Jul
07 Jul

Healthy Food:Healthy Kid-Tips for Parents

Here are 10 key rules to live by: