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11 May

Kids Events 2017 - By British Council Chennai

1). Theatre Workshop for Children

     13th May, 2017

28 Apr

Magic Crate - Subscription box for Kids !!

Age Group 1.5 to 2.5 yrs 

25 Apr

5 Things Kids should do this Summer Season

‘Summer Vacation’. The most happiest time of the year. Summer vacation is a treat to everyone. Be it children or adults. Everyone wants to escape from their daily routine for a few days.

24 Apr

5 Ways to encourage your Child to start Talking

Curious Minds and Razor Sights, our toddlers are learning at every step they venture.A quiet house will lull them to sleep; a dark atmosphere will make no crackles.

21 Apr

Guide to build Self Esteem in your kids

A positive attitude is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Self-esteem is about liking yourself and who you are and accepting your shortcomings.

18 Apr

A Guide To Select Best Pre-School

Pre – school is a home away from home. it is the most important foundation for any student. Kids learn, play, make friends and most of all, build memories here.

17 Apr

Best Gift Idea for Your Little Man!!

Birthdays are special and more specifically for a kid!! They love every bit of birthdays – right from the cake cutting to party and finally the gifts.

13 Apr

Summer Camps- A Must To Go!!

It won’t be false, if you had ever heard someone telling that summer camp is a life changing experience!!

12 Apr

To Say or Not To Say..?!

What parents do, so does their child follows. Hence, it becomes very important for parents to choose their words wisely, because the words stay in the toddler’s mind for a very long time.

11 Apr

Hobbies, All The Way!!!

Hobbies are not just to pass the time. Hobbies help and sometimes, build future of the kid. Allowing your kids to find their own hobby is the best thing you can for them.

10 Apr

5 Benefits of Pets for your Children

Are pets good for children? Do they bring diseases with them? Is your child pestering for a pet?

07 Apr

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

There is nothing more hard hitting than seeing your preteen child being overweight. The extra weight that kids put up at an early age is something that most parents ignore.

06 Apr

Ways to Stop Your Kid from Becoming a Back-to-School Tyrant

Back to school anxiety can cause some kids to relieve emotional tension by bullying their parents.

05 Apr

4 must haves in your Toddler’s Room

A room for toddler is a great way to teach them to be independent and also helps in overall growth.