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  • Leaps and Bounds host Birds: Young Naturalist Series with Leaps and Bounds

  •    099100 48071 / 093135 01314

  •    E-Mail      Website

  • Location

    Leaps and Bounds

  • B-35 Kailash Colony

    Near East of Kailash

Event Details


Exclusive SchoolConnects Offer
Start Date 2017-01-02
End Date 2017-01-06
Timings 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Age Range 5 Yrs - 12 Yrs
Price Rs.4,000
Last Registration Date 2017-01-01


Birds: Young Naturalist Series with Leaps and Bounds is an Workshop with activities this summer

His own interest in birds developed when his daughter had a project in 3rd grade and they started studying them together and he have been hooked ever since! So to share his personal passion and area of expertise, they all turn into amateur ornithologists for 5 days and discover an amazing avian world of feathers, beaks, claws, courtship rituals, breeding plumes, nesting, migration, and some strange and extreme birds with fascinating behaviours. They also learn how to bird watch and attract birds to your very own garden and balcony and look at types of nests and feathers, make your own feeder, and have loads of fun in your interactive activity filled class!

Fees: Rs 4000

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