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Welcome to SchoolConnects

Our mission is to save the parents from the stress for chasing the schools themselves to seek admission information, and also improve the productivity of our community overall but avoiding multiple parents calling multiple schools multiple times with same queries.

Success Story

  1. New era of School admissions

    01 Dec, 2015

    Centralized online admissions and mobile interactions enabled through a cloud-based platform launched connecting schools and parents

  2. Services launched in Pune and Kolkata

    15 Aug, 2015

    500+ schools admissions tracking across multiple cities now including Pune and Kolkata

  3. Added SMS Services

    15 Feb, 2015

    SMS notification for parents providing admission alerts for important updates

  4. Expansion to Delhi and Bangalore

    15 Nov, 2014

    Expanded Services to Delhi and Bangalore tracking admissions for more than 200 schools

  5. Launched Subscription Services

    01 Sep, 2014

    Enabled free Admission Notification for Parents on E-Mail  for admission updates

  6. Information Portal assisting parents

    01 Jul, 2014

    SchoolAdmissionInfo launched in Chennai tracking 100+ schools for admission information